Player development

Using Statmetrix development templates, you can digitise and track your players’ progress during the season. Assign both in-game and out of game challenges, so they reach their potential.

Player challenges

Take your teams competitive edge off the field, and online with Statmetrix player challenges.


Setting goals for your players is a key part to their development. Using Statmetrix in-game challenges

Out of game

Linked with in-game challenges,. Establish clear goal setting to improve in-game stamina.


See where you rank on your teams leader board.

Development plan (Q3 2021)

Focus on specific areas of your player development, using data to improve performance.

Custom template

Standardised your plans using our template designed to save you, the coach time.

” id=”_Group_”>Centralised plan

Accessible plan for coaches, players and parents enabling transparent communication.


Players information displayed in a dashboard tracking performance and progress throughout the season